Clearance Sale Demos & Rentals


All the rental demo canoes & kayaks are in excellent condition. and a great investment.

Looking for something else?

All new canoes & kayaks in stock are 20% off!


ModelManufacturerMaterialOptionsSale Price
Bob Special 15Nova Craft CanoeTuff Stuffn/a$1700
Quetico 16Souris River CanoeKevlarn/a$2235
Quetico 16Souris River CanoeKevlarn/a$2500
Quetico 185Souris River CanoeKevlar3rd Seat, Bow Slider$2800
Tranquility Solo 155Souris River CanoeKevlarAdj. Seat, Footbrace, Removeable Yoke$2000


ModelManufacturerMaterialMSLSale Price
Vapor 12XTOld TownPoly$1,149$700
Bigwater 132Old TownPoly$2249$1449
Castine 135 w/udderOld TownPoly$2348$1650
Loon 111Old TownPoly$1199$700

Receive 15% off all accessories with a canoe or kayak purchase.

Prices do not include HST and are FOB our location