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2022 Nova Craft Price List

ModelMaterialColourGradeTrimKeel2022 Price
Prospector 15Blue SteelGreenNewAluminumNo$4,469
Prospector 15Tuff StuffGreenNewAluminumYes$3,479
Prospector 18Aramid Lite (Kevlar)YellowNewAluminumNo$4,419
Prospector 18Aramid Lite (Kevlar)RedNewAluminumNo$4,419
Trapper 12FiberglassYellowNewAluminumNo$1,729
PAL 16Aramid Lite (Kevlar)GreenNewAluminumNo$4,069
PAL 16Aramid Lite (Kevlar)OliveNewAluminumNo$4,069
Muskoka 16FiberglassOliveNewAluminumYes$2,239
Muskoka 16Tuff StuffGreenNewAluminumYes$3,659
Prospector 15Tuff StuffRedNewAluminumNo$3,479
Prospector 15Tuff StuffRedNewAluminumNo$3,479
Prospector 15Tuff StuffGreen/ WhiteNewAluminumYes$3,874
Prospector 17Aramid Lite (Kevlar)YellowNewAluminumNo$4,249
Prospector 17Blue SteelRedNewAshNo$5,439

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