2022 Nova Craft Canoes in Stock


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2022 Nova Craft Price List

Nova Craft Canoes in Stock

Prospector 15Blue SteelGreenNewAluminumYes$4469.00
Prospector 17Aramid Light (Kevlar)YellowNewAluminumNo$4249.00
Prospector 16Aramid Light (Kevlar)Ox BloodNewAluminumYes$4069.00
Prospector 18Tuff StuffGreenNewAluminumNo$4009.00
Prospector 15Tuff StuffGreenNewAluminumYes$3479.00
Prospector 16 FiberglassRedNewAluminumYes$2239.00
Prospector 17Tuff StuffWhiteNewAluminumYes$3829.00
Prospector 17Tuff StuffYellowNewAluminumYes$3829

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