NRS Foam Canoe Block



Use the NRS Universal Foam Canoe Blocks to protect your canoe and the top of your vehicle during transport.

  • Durable Minicell foam cushions your boat and protects your vehicle.
  • The slot in the foam blocks can pop onto the canoe gunwales (two per side). Then the flat non-skid surface is placed directly on the vehicle roof.
  • These blocks are sold individually. Use of four blocks at once would be ideal for transporting a canoe on a bare-roof vehicle.
  • Please note: Tie-down straps are necessary to safely carry a boat on your car.
Weight:      2.25 oz.
  • 4″W x 4″D x 7″L
  • Molded channel is 1 1/2″ in diameter
  • Molded channels for canoe gunwales
  • Non-skid surface on block underside