The Torque Features


Removable Minn Kota® motor

    • Supreme durability
    • Infinitely variable speed control – ideal for trolling
    • 36# thrust – quiet power
    • Speeds up to 5.5 mph
    • Maximizer control – 5x longer battery life
    • Weedless wedge prop for weed-free motoring
    • Easy to remove motor and battery for transport & storage
    • The motor unit floats


Removable skeg plug

Removable skeg plug insert for motorless paddling


Comfort Hybrid Seat Back

The Comfort Hybrid features a comfortable seat back height for additional lumbar support. The seat is attached to the kayak so it won’t slide while in use and it easily adjusts so you can find the most comfortable position for your water adventure. A bungee on the back of the seat back allows you to stow your gear. Removing the seat back (if necessary) is easy.


Cross Lock™ Hatch

The large Cross Lock hatch (10.5″ x 17.25″) is featured on the Trident Series, the Prowler T Series and the Torque series kayaks. The Cross Lock is a unique strapping system. The “X” pattern is achieved with four straps and one quick release buckle. The low anchor points of the straps allow for excellent pressure that is evenly distributed around the hatch cover. The easy to open Cross Lock buckle makes getting into the hatch a breeze.


Support Track Foot Brace System

A comfortable foot brace system with contoured rubber and extra padding (great for bare feet) to provide a secure grip and added control. With an intuitive easy-to-reach adjustment system and position indicators it is easy to get the foot braces set to the same comfortable length on both sides.


Transducer™ Compatible Scupper

A transducer compatible scupper is an enlarged scupper molded into our Prowler line. This scupper has been specially modified to accommodate a transducer.


Paddle Keepers

Keep your paddle close at hand but out of the way. They are located on both sides of the kayak and include a pull tab for ease in releasing and attaching the bungee to the bungee button.


Extra Large Rudder

Designed to optimize steering when motor is in use