Traveler Straight Recreational Canoe Paddle


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Bending Branches’ Traveler wood canoe paddle is a blend of beauty and economy; this strong and lightweight wood canoe paddle is perfect for recreational flat water. The blade has five laminates of basswood and red alder.

This paddle is hand-crafted in Osceola, WI USA.


Type: Recreational
Shaft: Straight
Grip: Freestyle Palm Grip
Shaft Material: Solid Basswood
Blade Material: Red Alder/Basswood
Blade Size (in.): 6.75 x 20
Lengths: 51, 54, 57, 60 (in)
Weight (oz): 20
Rockgard: Caramel Partial
Additional Features: Extra comfortable grip
Weight Variance: Due to the varied density of wood, all canoe paddles could have a +/– 10% variance in weight.

Paddle weight is based on 54 inch measurements for straight shafts.