Yakgrips – Comfort Kayak Paddle Grips



Reduce fatigue, prevent blisters & calluses!
Relieve stress on hands and tendons
• Reduce fatigue on long paddling trips
• Better grip for more efficient paddling
• Insulate hands from hot and cold
• Feels great!
These patented kayak grips have 9 colors for take apart paddles (Black, Red, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Yellow, Orange , Blue Wave, Pink Swirl and Camo) and 4 colors for solid shaft or small shaft paddles (Black, Red, Royal Blue,
Orange ).Yakgrips® prevent rubs, calluses and blisters and reduce the stress on hands and tendons. They are especially helpful for people with carpel tunnel, arthritis and other disabilities. Yakgrips® also help keep the paddlers hands in the correct position while paddling. (See back of tag for placement instructions). They also help to keep hands dry and not slide on a wet paddle shaft. Yakgrips® insulate hands from a cold or hot paddle shaft.Once the Yakgrips® are installed they can be left on the paddle. Material is UV treated.Yakgrips® must be installed with lots of water. Wet the Yakgrips® and the paddle shaft. We recommend the paddle be cleaned if it’s been used before with mild dish detergent (Dawn) to remove any oils and sunscreen. If the paddle shaft is dirty the Yakgrips® may slide.Available colors for take apart paddles: Black, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue Wave, Pink Swirl, Camo


Make sure all paddles are clean (wash with mild dish detergent) before installing Yakgrips®.

To use or to adjust the position on the paddle shaft.

Put a lot of water under the Yakgrips® and on the paddle shaft and slide on. Dunking under clean water works best. To adjust the position use water under and on the paddle shaft. Pull the Yakgrips® off or to the new position.

Yakgrips® can be left on your paddle so you are ready for your next adventure.


1. Locate your two hand positions on the paddle shaft.

2. Wrap the Yakgrip around the paddle shaft under each hand
position then press the hook & loop closure together so the
seam lies flat. The seam should face away from you.