Nova Craft Canoe Fox 14 Solo


Our Fox 14 is an ideal choice for solo paddlers looking for independent adventures on flatwater lakes and lazy rivers.  Its shorter length and minimal rocker give this canoe a good balance of tracking and turning characteristics.  At 14’ the Fox is the perfect size for a relaxing evening paddle around the lake but still large enough to fit enough gear for a week-long trip into the backcountry. The narrow width makes this a faster, efficient design helping you cover distance with ease and its shallower depth catches less wind.  This narrower design also accommodates soloists who prefer cruising around using a kayak paddle.  Slight tumblehome on the sides helps for easier paddle strokes and the shallow arch bottom gives the paddler a stable feel but still allows for leaning the boat over to paddle Canadian-style.  Of course the Fox’s small size and light weight make it easy to get on and off the car by yourself. The Fox 14 will get solo paddlers into the tranquility of nature with a beautiful balance of ease and performance


Fiberglass: 50lb / 22.7kg
TuffStuff: 42lb / 19.1kg
TuffStuff Expedition: 48lb / 21.8kg
Aramid Lite: 34lb / 15.4kg
Blue Steel: 37lb / 16.8kg
Weights are based on year-long production averages and may vary.

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Length: 14′ / 427cm
Width: 32″ / 81.3cm
Center Depth: 13″ / 33cm
End Depth: 19″ / 48.3cm
Rocker: Minimal
Capacity: 550lb / 249kg

· Symmetrical Hull
· Shallow Arch Bottom
· Slight Tumblehome