About Trillium Canoe Design

Whether loaded or empty, at the cottage or wilderness tripping, a canoe should have excellent final stability and an even, predictable feel when leaned. It should come up to speed very quickly and track well, even in crosswinds. It should be maneuverable to the point where the boat seems to anticipate your wishes, and have effortless cruising speed and extreme seaworthiness. It should be easily handled by novice paddlers – including children – and technically rewarding for the most experienced canoeist. Many canoes perform well in some of the above categories. Trillium Canoes do it all.

Our designs are simple and balanced. Our hulls are symmetrical with a constant-curve rocker, true shallow arch and soft chine from stem to stern. (Most hulls are arched in the centre but “V” shaped at bow and stern.) Trilliums therefore displace and replace water at a constant rate along the length of the hull, hence our speed and efficiency. Continuing the shallow arch through to the stems, combined with the smooth rocker, gives the Trillium its pleasing responsiveness as well. The flared hull runs dry in big waves and has massive final stability when heeled over.

The Trillium line was designed for paddlers. The elegant modern lines cleverly incorporate easy tracking, paddling efficiency and good acceleration with a comfortable and responsive feel. With a soft chine and flared sides, they have excellent final stability and allow the canoe to be tilted with confidence and predictability. They are designed with the canoe tripper in mind with lots of carrying capacity. In rough conditions they are dry and retain their easy handling characteristics. Choose a Trillium for a versatile canoe that inspires confidence and is technically rewarding for the experienced canoeist.

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