Trillium 15


The Trillium 15 offers a light responsive canoe for tandem day trips or solo paddling that is surprisingly stable and seaworthy for two people and gear. With a light load, the shallow arch, soft chine and slight rocker presents an efficient and responsive waterline footprint. When the load is increased a carrying capacity and seaworthiness that is remarkable in a 15 foot canoe is realized. The soft chine and flared sides give excellent secondary stability for rough conditions or the solo paddler heeling the canoe.


Length 15′ / 4.57 m
Gunwale Width 36.38″ / 92 cm
4″ Waterline Width 34″ / 76 cm
Depth at Centre 14.5″ / 37 cm
Bow Height 19″ / 48.5 cm
Stern Height 19″ / 48.5 cm
Rocker Moderate
Hull Shape Shallow Arch
Flared Sides
Keel None
Optimum Capacity 700 lb / 315 kg