Trillium 17



Trillium Canoes will be available once again in 2024.

Originally designed for our family of 3 kids, 2 parents and a 60 lb. dog for inteior tripping in October with too much gear.  It had to work well in very bad conditions offering massive final stability and seaworthiness.

The Trillium 17 is an ideal canoe for tandem day tripping with speed and efficiency. This canoe excels when loaded. its large carrying capacity does not detract from its maneuverability or performance. That carrying capacity and its secondary stability make it an attractive choice for family camping. Its dryness and performance in the roughest of conditions along with its flatwater efficiency are ideal for the wilderness tripper.



Length 17′ / 5.18 m
Gunwale Width 36 3/8″ / 90 cm
4″ Waterline Width 34″ / 76 cm
Depth at Centre 14″ / 36 cm
Bow Height 20″ / 51 cm
Stern Height 20″ / 51 cm
Rocker Moderate
Hull Shape Shallow Arch
Flared Sides
Keel None
Optimum Capacity 950 lb / 428 kg